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Always lather rinse repeat. Being that this shampoo is sulfate free, it is free of harsh detergents. The first round eliminates surface sebum, products, and dirt. The second round cleanses the hair follicle and scalp. this ensures your strands stay cleaner for longer and your scalp stays healthy. 



This conditioner is perfectly balanced for your perfectly balanced hair. Not too heavy yet still rich enough to help hair remain lustrous and manageable. 

This leave-in conditioner also works as a detangler. Spray a small amount in your hair after the shower.


Heat Protectant

Olplaex fortifies the disulfide bonds (your hair's internal structure) within your hair shaft. No. 9 can be used both wet and try to treat the hair and prevent further heat damage. 

This silky cream is specially designed to eliminate frizz. Enriched with Marula and Jojoba Oils, it infuses hair with fatty acids and essential vitamins. It reduces flyaways and leaves hair smooth and tangle-free. Simply brush into damp hair before styling or air drying.

Styling Cream


This dry shampoo instantly makes your hair feel revitalized and clean. Charcoal helps remove excess oil from the scalp & hair, while Sea Buckthorn helps nourish and refresh. It also adds volume and texture, so your hair looks and feels refreshed.

 This spray protects your hydrogen bonds (within your hair shaft) from being penetrated by humidity.  Designed to provide an all-day hold while fighting frizz. Its lightweight formula won't weigh down your hair and keeps your style looking perfect.



This oil can be used in a myriad of ways. As a treatment, you can oil scalps and ends liberally before shampooing. You can use it after styling to protect and hydrate ends. Or, you can use it in buns and braids to create smooth, frizz free styles. 

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