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Hello! First I want to say thank you!

Thank you for continuing to choose me in helping you feel beautiful and confident.


What's new?

You probably noticed the new site. And it isn't the only thing new around here. I am now offering online booking requests. I have condensed your appointment selection into 6 packages.  But that's not all...

What can you expect?

I am always striving to provide the best experience for my clients. I have worked hard to digitize your pre and post-visit experience. So, things you can expect at your next appointment are...


Pre-visit experience customization form (texted to you before every appointment). This allows us to tailor your appointment to you from music to snacks and more will all be prepared for you when you arrive.

Digital consultation forms. Want to make a big hair change and need my opinion? We no longer have to text back and forth. The new digital consultation form allows you to take your time conveying what you're looking for and even send inspo. pictures... At any time convenient for you!

My clients are literally the best... YOU are the best! Many new clients find me through your referrals. So I have streamlined my referral program. For every new client, who books and mentions you, you receive 10% off your appointment! You can use all referrals at any time. Meaning, if 5 of your referrals book an appointment with me, then expect 50% OFF your next visit!

Those are just a few of the experience elevations!


How you can book your next appointment online.

I want to ensure that every client can easily book the correct appointment.


Step 1. Head over to my investment guide and view the 5 booking packages.


Step 2. If you easily discern which package to book, go ahead and click the link to the booking site (located below).

Step 3. If you still aren't sure, no problem. Email me, in your email please let me know if you are looking for a refresh or something new. 


If you already know your package, click here to request your appointment time.

Thank you so much and I can't wait to see you again!

© 2021 by Dannie Butry 

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