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Always lather rinse repeat. Being that this shampoo is sulfate free, it is free of harsh detergents. The first round eliminates surface sebum, products, and dirt. The second round cleanses the hair follicle and scalp. this ensures your strands stay cleaner for longer and your scalp stays healthy. 



Often times I notice that those who have dry ends also have a dry scalp. Pro tip: You can use this conditioner as a pre-shampoo lotion a couple of times a month.. When you hop in the shower lather your scalp in conditioner, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, shampoo and condition as normal.

This leave-in conditioner also works as a detangler. Spray a small amount in your hair after the shower. It also contains a bit of protein which is important to fill in the holes within damaged strands. 



Olplaex fortifies the disulfide bonds (your hair's internal structure) within your hair shaft. No. 8 is also packed with an extra punch of moisture. This treatment can be used a few times a month in the shower. Just put a few pumps on your ends working up to the roots. Simply let sit for 10 minutes while you shower, shave, exfoliate, etc. Then, shampoo and condition as normal. 

Create volume in your curls and waves. This nutrient-dense foam feeds your ends while also providing fabulous style and light hold.



I have to be honest. This is my favorite gel; it is super affordable and has a high hold. Just scrunch a quarter size (ish) into the hair and let it dry 100%. Then, scrunch out the crunch with dry hands and a bit of shine serum... So easy to get curls that last and last!

This shine serum is great to use while "scrunching out the crunch" from your gel cast. It is also amazing for refresh days. A little goes along way so you get a big bang for your buck here!

Shine Serum


This dry shampoo instantly makes your hair feel revitalized and clean. Charcoal helps remove excess oil from the scalp & hair, while Sea Buckthorn helps nourish and refresh. It also adds volume and texture, so your hair looks and feels refreshed.


This oil can be used in a myriad of ways. As a treatment, you can oil scalps and ends liberally before shampooing. You can use it after styling to protect and hydrate ends. Or, you can use it in buns and braids to create smooth, frizz free styles. 

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